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Dominica is ready for you ! Last update post Maria.

After 2 weeks of reopening, all our clients enjoyed Dominica and were very surprised to find a nice island with a lot of things to do. According to what their government was saying, they were expecting a devastated island.

So, we will keep you inform through our Blog or social network about what to do and where to go.

Our clients enjoyed Trafalgar falls, Middle ham fall, Titou gorge, Fresh water lake, Boeri lake, Emerald pool, Red rock, Fort Shirley, Indian River Syndicate fall and Morne Diablotin.

Roads open all around the island, gas stations open, a lot of shops open and Roseau looks like before.

Little by little electricity is coming. We have water.

Dive centers open.

Cruiseship season is reopen.

See you soon !

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